Fire Alarm Systems

We service all types of life safety alarms, including fire, security, and more!

We can meet the total system design and installation demands of our region for all sizes of fire alarm systems, thanks to our fully qualified and experienced personnel. Professional fire alarm and detection services, inspections, and repairs are provided by A Team Fire for a variety of major product lines. We also work with security systems, building alarms, and life safety alarms. For any of your facilities, our fire alarm and detection experts would be happy to provide a thorough certification and testing program. We provide complete alarm system installation while working with our customers, with a primary focus on providing inspections, monitoring, and service.


We work in a variety of settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial. Our primary service area is Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Boca Raton, Palm Beach and Stuart Florida, but we have agreements that allow us to provide service countrywide or globally if necessary. Not only are we experts in fire alarm systems, but we can also install sprinkler and suppression systems.

  • Inspection of fire alarm systems
  • Service for fire alarm systems
  • Installation of fire alarm systems
  • Testing of fire alarm systems
  • System for detecting fires
  • Monitoring
  • Monitoring with Wi-Fi
  • Alarm activation
  • Signals from the fire pump
  • Sprinkler systems 
  • Special hazard and suppression systems
  • Discharge of the suppression system
  • Supervisory/difficulty tampering
  • System of Security
  • CCTV access control
  • Alarms for personal safety
  • Additional alarm options

You may be due for an upgrade or possibly a replacement, whether you have a modest traditional fire alarm system or a large intelligent system. Make an appointment with one of our certified and trained professionals by contacting us. In the event of an emergency, keep your systems up and operating.

Do you require a new fire alarm system for a new home or business? General contractors, house owners, facility managers, and architects can get free, quotations from us. A dedicated team member will contact you within 24 hours of submitting a request for an estimate to discuss your project. We’ll gather all of the information we’ll need to create pricing, and we’ll be able to schedule it.

Fire Sprinkler Systems


The people who work on your fire sprinkler system have one goal: to keep people and property safe from fire. We take a fresh, practical approach to fire sprinkler design, installation, maintenance, and inspection. We have the people and expertise to offer you a sprinkler system that matches your fire protection needs.


A sprinkler system is meant to put out a fire with water. We have your residential, commercial, or industrial space covered with both a fire suppression system and a standard sprinkler system. We can install four distinct types of them:

Wet pipe systems:
Water in the system's pipes is ready to be activated by the activation of fire sprinkler heads due to heat in wet pipe systems.
Dry pipe systems:
with this system, the pipes are filled with air or nitrogen gas, and water is discharged into the pipes after a brief delay when the sprinkler heads are activated. These devices are utilised in places where pipes can freeze and cause damage.
When smoke or heat detectors are triggered, deluge equipment sends a flood of water or foam through an open-sprinkler, nozzle, or foam generator, which uses an unpressurized piping system to deliver a dousing flood of water or foam in an instant. Other than houses and offices, where the fire might spread quickly, these devices are used.
This type of fire sprinkler system combines wet and dry pipe fire sprinklers and is not activated until a fire is detected.

We have a track record of developing, designing, and installing turn-key fire sprinkler systems on time and budget. Any new or retrofit fire sprinkler design project requires a unique blend of administrative and technical knowledge, which we provide.


Your fire sprinkler system is designed to work in any situation. We’ll test the fire sprinklers after they’re installed to make sure they’re working properly, and we’ll teach you about any management requirements. We’ve organized a round-the-clock technician team to provide fast service and repair to maintain your system ready for activation. If you have an emergency, we offer fire protection system emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customers can also take advantage of fire sprinkler inspection programs, which are mandated by the most recent national rules.


It is critical to have the necessary equipment to protect yourself, your house, and your business from fire. While fire sprinklers and fire alarms reduce the likelihood of house fire mortality by roughly 80% and 50%, there are other devices you should have in place to preserve your life in the case of a fire.

The fire extinguisher is an essential defense tool. When there’s a fire, your first goal should always be to find an escape, get out as quickly as possible, and phone the fire brigade. However, you may require a fire extinguisher to help you evacuate the building. We place your safety at a priority. For all of your fire extinguisher maintenance needs, contact A Team Fire.

Remember this, PASS, while using a fire extinguisher.

P: Pull up the pin, with the nozzle pointing away from you

A: Aim low, towards the fire’s hearth

S: Squeeze the lever, slowly and evenly 

S: Sweep the nozzle from side to side until the fire has been extinguished


A Team Fire provides fire extinguisher services to keep your facility compliant, assure equipment readiness, improve insurance eligibility, and safeguard people and property. We inspect fire extinguishers and provide routine service and maintenance by local, state, and national laws, including necessary six-year and twelve-year services. We also provide emergency fire extinguisher service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Although not all fire extinguishers are made equal, the A Team Fire team of specialists can assist you in determining which type and model are best for the threats you need to safeguard. In addition, we can conduct a comprehensive audit of your facility to ensure that you have the required number of extinguishers and that they are properly placed throughout. We also provide top-of-the-line fire extinguisher cabinets in a variety of colors, materials, and styles to suit your needs.


Fire suppression systems are frequently utilized in conjunction with detecting systems and have a fast response time. Because a fire in a hazardous application has a higher chance of spreading quickly, a rapid response system is essential for smothering a fire and minimizing the risk of asset loss and damage.

A Team Fire has the expertise to keep your mission-critical activities safe. All major suppression manufacturers have distributorships with us, guaranteeing that the materials and training required to test your system are easily available.
All types of suppression systems are subjected to a thorough visual and in-depth inspection by A Team Fire. We can help you stay compliant in computer rooms, labs, records storage, historical archives, and communications equipment rooms.
A Team Fire is uniquely qualified to support the system that best suits your needs. Suppression systems of all types and brands are serviced by us (CO2, Foam, Clean Agent, Aerosol, Inert Gas, and Hybrid).
A Team Fire thinks that each application is unique and that no single agent is the perfect fit for every situation. Allow our certified team to assist you in choosing the correct sort of special hazard fire system for your needs.


We provide 24/7 service and suppression system inspections in addition to commercial, industrial, and residential fire suppression system design and installation to ensure that you are fully protected in any event. Allow our certified professionals to assist you.


Some of the most crucial safety items in your business are emergency lights, exit signs, and panic doors. Exit and emergency lights are designed to assist you and your staff to safety in the case of an emergency, similar to how fire alarm systems communicate an emergency and fire sprinklers destroy fires. All business buildings must have emergency and evacuation route lighting, which is particularly designed to save lives. Your staff will use the emergency and exit lights to go to safety in the case of a power outage or other service interruption.


A Team Fire provides life safety programs in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Life Safety Code 101. When called upon, your illumination must work for at least 90 minutes, according to the fire code. Along with a monthly quick check of your units, documents proving that this test has been done are necessary. The majority of our customers at A Team Fire complete this fast check themselves and then have us perform the 90-minute inspection and provide the necessary documentation to assure that their lighting will operate when they need it most. We check and service emergency exit lighting and panic alarm equipment at each location, either alone or in conjunction with our outstanding annual fire extinguisher maintenance program.


Exit lights, kitchen hood systems, and fire extinguishers are all inspected and repaired by our professionals. Contact us to have all of your fire alarm, sprinkler, suppression, kitchen hood, fire extinguisher, and exit & emergency lighting inspections completed at once.


The Fire Hydrant System is one of the most prevalent, effective, and oldest fire-fighting methods, and it offers operational support to the whole Fire Fighting System. It is made up of heavy-duty above-ground and underground plumbing, as well as accessories. Every critical location has external and fire escape hydrant valves. A fire hydrant is a pipe-like structure that allows water to flow from a water main under pressure, controlled by a valve, to put out a fire.

The Fire Hydrant System is functionally designed to combat large-scale fires in all risk classes while remaining operational even if a component of the damaged structure collapses.

What we do?

A Team Fire offers you the greatest fire protection solution, which is made of high-quality, dependable, and long-lasting materials. We have a team of engineers who have extensive experience designing, installing, inspecting, and testing hydrant systems for a variety of commercial and industrial uses. Our specially built fire hydrant systems can protect your building from fire damage. To put out the flammable fire, water is pumped through the system in a straight stream.

We place a premium on providing the best fire protection solution that meets our clients’ requirements. All systems are built following national and international rules and standards.

In some buildings where the risk of fire is higher, such safety measures and water supply systems are required. When the components are mixed with a supply of water, it transforms into a firefighting weapon. The quality and efficiency of the components utilized to create a hydrant system are fully dependent on the system’s functioning.

Inspections and tests are required at regular intervals to ensure that the system is in good operating order. A team of engineers from A Team Fire will verify and evaluate the system’s installation in the building to ensure that it is operating correctly.


Backflow prevention valves are an important aspect of the fire protection industry’s role in protecting the water supply. Backflow preventers prevent tainted or harmful water from entering a municipality’s water supply.

Give the specialists at A Team Fire a call if your backflow preventers need to be inspected. Our highly trained personnel will test your backflow prevention system to guarantee that it is capable of protecting your business in the case of a fire.

The reversal of the flow of a liquid, gas, or suspended solid—in this case, water from a fire suppression system—is referred to as backflow. A backflow preventer is a mechanical device that is put on water piping and has check valves, air inlets, and relief valves to prevent pressured water from flowing into the public water supply from the fire suppression system. When there isn’t enough vertical clearance or physical room to install an air gap, or when a pressurised operation or other reasons restrict the use of an air gap, specialised backflow preventer valves are employed.

Get your backflow preventers tested now by calling A Team Fire!

Backflow prevention systems are designed to keep contaminated sprinkler water out of your drinking water supply. For these devices to function properly, they must be tested and maintained regularly, and the tests must be performed on an annual basis to verify that they satisfy the system’s demands. Your backflow preventer must pass two types of tests, according to NFPA 25:

Backflow Testing Forward Flow Testing

For your backflow protection systems, A Team Fire offers both forward flow and backflow testing. If you’re looking to schedule backflow preventer tests in Florida, give us a call now!

Inspection and Testing of Backflow Preventers

Contact A Team Fire if you need a reputable company to evaluate and test the backflow preventers in your commercial establishment’s fire suppression system.


What began as a small in-house training program for new sprinkler system designers years ago has grown into a complete training program for municipalities, building engineers, property managers, and anyone interested in learning more about fire protection systems and equipment.

The program is taught by highly qualified instructors and can contain the following or a custom curriculum.

  • Detection and Alarm
  • Valves for dry pipes
  • NFPA codes for backflow preventers
  • Extinguishers are used to put out fires.
  • Antifreeze devices
  • Sprinkler heads and discharge characteristics
  • Preventative maintenance is important.
  • Corrosion in pipes is a serious problem

Our fire safety experts are glad to assist you with your fire sprinkler system training.

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