Restaurants industries are at a higher risk for fires due to the large amount of hot equipment, electrical connection, cooking oils, cleaning chemicals and open flames, and we help you with our solutions to help prevent such occurrences and minimize any damage.

Although the  National Fire Protection Agency’s  (NFPA) requirements vary depending on the type of cooking performed in your commercial kitchen, some requirements are consistent for all kitchen hood fire suppression systems. NFPA 96  requires that all kitchen hood suppression systems have routine inspections by a licensed fire protection company that include:
 Testing the manual pull station
 Replacing the temperature activated links
 Verifying gauge on pressurized tanks
 Removing and clean nozzles
 Documenting and reporting deficiencies to customer

If your kitchen hood fire suppression system hasn’t been inspected recently, don’t wait. Schedule an inspection to ensure that your kitchen’s hood suppression system is ready to handle any unexpected situation. A Team Fire Sprinklers technicians will install, service and inspect your custom designed waterless fire suppression system. We utilize the following solutions in an effort to eliminate the risk of water damage:

DuPont ™, FE-25 ™, FM200®, 3M™ Novec™ 1230 and ANSUL® INERGEN®.

Speak to one of our fire suppression experts now at (305) 948-FIRE.

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