Fire Alarm Systems


Early fire detection is vital to protecting people and property within your building, and proper fire alarm installation, testing, and maintenance are critical to ensuring effective fire alarm function, day and night. A Team Fire Sprinklers provides a full range of fire alarm services in Miami to West Palm Beach keep your building safe. Our technicians provide fire alarm inspection, and we can perform regularly scheduled maintenance and testing on every alarm we install on your premises, maximizing your safety and keeping you in compliance with NFPA 72 as well as federal, state, and local codes applicable to your business.

Our Fire Alarm Services in South Florida

Provides complete, end-to-end service for your entire fire alarm system. Our fire alarm
services in South Florida include:

 Service and repair
 Design and engineering
 Drawings and plans
 Submittals, battery, and wiring calculations
 Permits, conduit, and pipe Work
 System wiring
 Professional installation of equipment and devices
 UL certified fire alarm testing
 NFPA completion and testing documentation
 Monitoring services by a UL approved monitoring center
 Runner Service Contract

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